Larva Eating a Ball (installation, 2013)

(drawings, 2014)

Cactus (sculpture, 2013)

Death and
the Maiden
(sculpture, 2009)

Stereo-scopic caves
(slides, 2008)

Baldy Heights
(Ipad catalogue)

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The Defecating Tree (video, 2013)

Monkey on a Cube (painting, 2011)

Bald Mollusca
(installation,  2011)

Friends (sculpture, 2011)

Fiji Mermaid
(diorama, 2008)


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Two Ingots
(installation, 2013)

The Brain (film, 2012)

Fat Fingers (sculpture, 2012)

Mea Shearim
(video, 2009)

Space Mountain
(kinetic sculpture, 2011)


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Two ingots ( "שני מטילים")

 installation, 2013

Two ingots /  "שני מטילים" / installation, 2013

Brass ingots, fir wood, spiritual input ("תשומה רוחנית"), signed deposition

Witchcraft by Tova Etes / documentation by Yael Engelhardt / made possible with the support of the center for digital art, Hulon



I, Tova Etes resident of Tzfat st. 4 apt. 4 Hulon, hereby declare that I have indeed purified the golden cube and drained it of all negative ions using salt stones; and that by direct and prolonged hand contact I have charged it with immaterial heat; after which I walked surround it dozens of times; and that as a result of these actions an ethereal body has developed around the cube; and it is now impregnated with goodness.

As for the second cube, I declare that I have indeed not purified it but purposefully let negative ions in it; and also that I pressed my hand against it and had vocally abused it with some mild swears like 'you are mediocre' or 'no one wants you'; and that I have deprived it of daylight;  and that as a result of these actions feelings of bitterness and spite have been planted in the metal and it has become undesirable.



Truth deposition