Larva Eating a Ball (installation, 2013)

(drawings, 2014)

Cactus (sculpture, 2013)

Death and
the Maiden
(sculpture, 2009)

Stereo-scopic caves
(slides, 2008)

Baldy Heights
(Ipad catalogue)

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The Defecating Tree (video, 2013)

Monkey on a Cube (painting, 2011)

Bald Mollusca
(installation,  2011)

Friends (sculpture, 2011)

Fiji Mermaid
(diorama, 2008)


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Two Ingots
(installation, 2013)

The Brain (film, 2012)

Fat Fingers (sculpture, 2012)

Mea Shearim
(video, 2009)

Space Mountain
(kinetic sculpture, 2011)


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THE BRAIN ("המוח")

film, 2012

10 min

made possible with the support of the new Israeli film fund, the CCA fund, Sheraton hotel and Tel Aviv university

produced by Erez Bernholz / cinematography by Ariel Weiss / edited by Yoav Shafir / sfx by Orr Kislev / sound design by Elan Gabriel / production design by Yasmin Davies / original score by Yaniv Raveh / featuring Marat Gartsman, Piotr Walczuk, Yehoyachin Friedlander, Isabella Cohn and Aneta Tabachnikov

THE BRAIN / "המוח" / film, 2012