Larva Eating a Ball (installation, 2013)

(drawings, 2014)

Cactus (sculpture, 2013)

Death and
the Maiden
(sculpture, 2009)

Stereo-scopic caves
(slides, 2008)

Baldy Heights
(Ipad catalogue)

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The Defecating Tree (video, 2013)

Monkey on a Cube (painting, 2011)

Bald Mollusca
(installation,  2011)

Friends (sculpture, 2011)

Fiji Mermaid
(diorama, 2008)


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Two Ingots
(installation, 2013)

The Brain (film, 2012)

Fat Fingers (sculpture, 2012)

Mea Shearim
(video, 2009)

Space Mountain
(kinetic sculpture, 2011)


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The Defecating Tree ("העץ שעשה קקי")

video, 2013

preparatory sketch

installation view

The Defecating Tree / "העץ שעשה קקי" / video, 2013

Cinematography by Ariel Weiss / Sound design by Elan Gabriel / made possible with the support of the new Israeli film fund and Noam Segal

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